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If you’re wondering why the ask box is closed, it’s because I still have about 15 more messages to reply to.

If you have any questions for the mod, please go to my main blog. Asking a question intended to be sent to any Harmony Crusader will be deleted if sent to my main blog.

Ask box and submissions box closed!

Yeah so, finals are in like a week or two, idk, and I’m like, super behind in my color theory class.

Basically I have 4 projects plus the final to work on, and the final project is super important to me because I’m doing a painting of my dad.

I also have a research paper to do for my English Comp II class that I haven’t even started, and studying for finals is kind of a thing.

So yeah, the ask box won’t be open for a bit.


Anonymous asked:

Ganache are you jealous of Discord for spending so much time with Sweetie Belle?

"Jealous? Of course not!" Ganache confirmed, "I’m far too scared of that creep to be jealous of him! With his powers, he could do something terrible to me!"

"But if he does anything bad to Sweetie Belle, he’s gonna get it! I don’t care how scary he is!" Ganache angrily crossed his arms.


Anonymous asked:

Where is Babs? I see all of the other crusaders frollocking around the blog, but not her...

((that’s because on the website that enables you to put ponies on your blog, a sprite for her has not been created yet.))


Anonymous asked:

Who is Cheese Sandwich in this universe?

((I don’t know. I haven’t added anything to this AU from season 4. Anything beyond Equestria Girls hasn’t been considered yet in the AU.))

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